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Who is W. Anton?

I belong to the rare percentage of men who are able to meet, date, seduce, and have sex with the women I want – but I also have the ability to teach other guys how to do the same. However, you will not find much more information about me here. Why? Because I live what I preach and therefor try to stay away from the spotlight.

In The Manual I reveal actually what women want and it is NOT males with fame or fortune, plus, I explain that “attention is not attraction.” Hence, I am not interested in acquiring fame or bringing attention to myself. I actually try to avoid both. I would be a hypocrite otherwise.

“…I wrote The Manual because I rather meet my beautiful women than teach guys get girls…”

Besides that, if you are not getting the girls that you want, that tells me several things about you. One of those things is that you lack enough confidence and self-esteem. If you did not, you would not be here – you would be enjoying beautiful women in abundance. In my book I will teach you how, but I can tell you right now that you should start being more concerned with YOUR life and YOUR success than anyone else’s – including mine.

The Manual is not a personal biography with a motivational story based in real-life about how a “loser became popular,” but it was written to enable such personal transformations by giving you the success you want so that one day you may be able to tell such a story of your own.

During the years I’ve helped countless of guys to become better men (which leads to being good with women), the first thing I tell them is that our session is all about them: It’s not about me, my life, or my journey.

Although I am able to show them bold approaches and amazing results right in front of their eyes, at the end of the day, if THEY cannot do it themselves they have wasted their time and I have failed. But here’s the thing; men like me who REALLY can get the girls we want are not particularly interested in much else. After all, why would we? Although I love to help guys who are struggling with women turn their lives around, I honestly much rather spend my time with sexy girls.

Especially, since all males who are unsuccessful with women make the same mistakes, raise the same concerns, and ask the same questions. Having the same conversation, session after session, only with different clients, becomes boring after a while. To put the process onto paper was the inevitable solution – and although I still do personal consultations occasionally, I honestly rather not, hence those sessions are intentionally expensive while the book isn’t.

The truth is, a man need both his independence and to lead women to be attractive and successful with them, not to become dependent on dating advice or to be led by some “seduction guru.” You can find others who teach the same principles, yet they do not live what they preach, and instead treat their students/clients like dependent babies who need to be spoon-fed and led around like children.

That is a strategy that may give a lot more repeat business and more loyal clients who have to come back for more, but it doesn’t get YOU – the guy who just wants to find a hot girlfriend – the result that you want with attractive women. Do yourself, me, and all the beautiful women you will be able to meet a favor and buy the book today.

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