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Tell Women What They Want to Hear

The most effective way to seduce a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear. Women already realize this fact, as they fix themselves up to show what men want to see by dying their hair, getting hair extensions, applying makeup, wearing fake fingernails, and wearing high heels. They may also go to extremes by getting breast implants, plastic surgery, and Botox. They do all that and much Read More

Make Women Smile, Not Laugh

You have probably heard females say that humor is the most important characteristic they look for in a male, and countless surveys—designed to reveal “what women want”—have been conducted reaching the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, this is not the case.

Those studies (and the females, for that matter) have it all backward. Females are not attracted to funny males, but they find the males they already deem

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Consider This Before Introducing Your Friends to Your Girlfriend

If you spend a lot of time with a woman, it is natural to eventually start introducing her to your friends, and this could potentially be a problem you have to be aware of. You might want to keep her separated from the males in your social circle who are ladies’ men—if you happen to associate with any—not because they could steal your woman from you, but because their behavior will Read More

Women Keep Friends Separate From Lovers

Males may want to sleep with all their female friends, which is often why they became friends with them in the first place, but females are different and more practical since it is behavior that they are attracted to more than bodies.

To get the best sex AND the best emotional support, they maintain different relationships with different people who fulfill different roles in their lives. They

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Why Women Fall for Bad Boys

Women fall for “bad boys” because they are only “bad” in the eyes of our traditional socialization, the same way men actually love “naughty girls.” But some women even fall for convicted criminals, much to the embarrassment of other females and the confusion of many males. What these lowlifes have going for them, though, is that they possess the character traits that women are instinctively attracted to—confidence and

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Nice Guys Finish First

All women say they want a nice guy. Of course they do! No one in their right mind would say that they want to spend their time with someone who is not nice. Yet many women, especially the most attractive ones, enter relationships with men who appear not to be nice to them, while there are tons of males that seem really nice, and they always finish last

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Attention Is Not Attraction

If you are a male and crave a lot of attention, you are wasting your time and acting like a woman.

Attention matters greatly to women because having a lot of it significantly increases their chances of finding a mate by being highly visible, since being more visible increases the chances of a man finding and approaching them.

This is why women hate to feel invisible,

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Attraction is an Emotion, Not a Conscious Decision

When we experience attraction to someone, our brain is letting us know that we have found a suitable sexual partner, someone who resembles all previous partners through the thousands of generations that came before us, an individual who is valuable for our genes, who has traits that will help us survive and reproduce more successfully than we could on our own.

Attraction is one of the primal

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Your Beliefs Govern Your Behaviour

While few males believe they will live forever and would laugh away the accusation of holding such a belief as silly nonsense, most still act otherwise. With the decisions they make on a daily basis—and the way they reason in the heat of the moment and postpone things until tomorrow—weeks, months, years, and even decades can go by without much change in their situation with women. Slowly but surely they Read More

Introduction to This Site and The Manual

This site and my book are intended for a specific audience—namely, heterosexual males who are less romantically or sexually successful with women than they want to be. Males who want to know how to form more than just friendships with women. That is, almost all males. However, even though I believe anyone will find my ideas fresh and fascinating, regardless of sex or sexual orientation, I will still

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