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Why Bother Lying to Get Women Into Bed

There is actually nothing wrong with lying to women to get them into bed, but you should not bother to lie unless the truth would contradict what women really want to hear. Lying is not a deal breaker as long as women do not find out about it, but rarely is it actually necessary, so the more honest you are, the less risk you incur for having said something untrue. In Read More

Tell Women What They Want to Hear

The most effective way to seduce a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear. Women already realize this fact, as they fix themselves up to show what men want to see by dying their hair, getting hair extensions, applying makeup, wearing fake fingernails, and wearing high heels. They may also go to extremes by getting breast implants, plastic surgery, and Botox. They do all that and much Read More

The Best Pick-Up Line Ever

If you have read my book, you know how I feel about pick-up lines and that I do not ever use them. It is attractive behaviour that gets a man girls, not clever one-liners. Although such behaviour does involve taking the lead and initiating the conversation with the women you want (unless you are only using body language), an attractive male can pretty much say anything and still get a great

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