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Why Female Pornstars Make More Money

One of the most destructive beliefs that can ever set foot in your mind and totally squander your success with women is the errornous belief that women are LESS interested in sex. Traditional socialization is full of ideas that are all variations of it, and one them is the sentiment that all forms of pornography (made for males) are degrading to females and that women in porn only do it Read More

Tell Women What They Want to Hear

The most effective way to seduce a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear. Women already realize this fact, as they fix themselves up to show what men want to see by dying their hair, getting hair extensions, applying makeup, wearing fake fingernails, and wearing high heels. They may also go to extremes by getting breast implants, plastic surgery, and Botox. They do all that and much Read More

You Have to Be Shameless

Shame is a painful emotion; it is when you feel bad about yourself as a person. However, it comes from a violation of cultural or social values, not from breaking your internal values or even external laws. It is one aspect of socialization that exists in all societies all over the world. It is used to repress all kinds of undesirable behavior and to preserve social cohesion in

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What It Means to Take Responsibility

Women are more likely to talk about things that have happened or might happen to them than men are, even to the extent of discussing destiny, astrology, and fortune-telling, while men are more likely to talk about what they have done or will do themselves. This is a subtle hint of how differently men and women often experience and handle the same world, and that difference stems from responsibility. Now, Read More

The Only Type of Rejection That Is Truly Horrible

To be rejected by a woman is no big deal and far from a dramatic or horrible experience. However, there is one type of rejection that IS dreadful for real, but it does not come from women. It is something that unsuccessful males experience all the time: They reject themselves.

It is what you do when you see a gorgeous girl but then think to yourself, “I could never get

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Those Who Fail Do Not Fail Enough

People who believe rejection is horrible only believe that because they have not experienced rejection enough times. Those who fail do not fail enough.

The most unsuccessful males have usually only been rejected a handful of times, with a couple of years in between each occasion, long enough for them to accidently meet a new female, make good friends with her, fall deeply in love with their

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Never Be Ashamed Over Your Sexual Desires

Sex is still taboo in many parts of the world, even though we all know it is the very reason we exist. We obviously would not be here if our ancestors had not had sex with each other. Your parents had sex with each other, and your grandparents had sex too. It is a scary thought, I know, and something no one likes to talk about. However, when

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Why Women Fall for Bad Boys

Women fall for “bad boys” because they are only “bad” in the eyes of our traditional socialization, the same way men actually love “naughty girls.” But some women even fall for convicted criminals, much to the embarrassment of other females and the confusion of many males. What these lowlifes have going for them, though, is that they possess the character traits that women are instinctively attracted to—confidence and

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Nice Guys Finish First

All women say they want a nice guy. Of course they do! No one in their right mind would say that they want to spend their time with someone who is not nice. Yet many women, especially the most attractive ones, enter relationships with men who appear not to be nice to them, while there are tons of males that seem really nice, and they always finish last

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Attention Is Not Attraction

If you are a male and crave a lot of attention, you are wasting your time and acting like a woman.

Attention matters greatly to women because having a lot of it significantly increases their chances of finding a mate by being highly visible, since being more visible increases the chances of a man finding and approaching them.

This is why women hate to feel invisible,

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