Consider This Before Introducing Your Friends to Your Girlfriend

Consider This Before Introducing Your Friends to Your Girlfriend

If you spend a lot of time with a woman, it is natural to eventually start introducing her to your friends, and this could potentially be a problem you have to be aware of.

You might want to keep her separated from the males in your social circle who are ladies’ men—if you happen to associate with any—not because they could steal your woman from you, but because their behavior will influence her opinion of you.

Many females believe that the type of friends a male has is a reflection of who he is. Thus, regardless of whether your friends have sworn secrecy about your weekend adventures and additional girlfriends, and even if there are no secrets in need of being kept, they may still have a negative influence on your woman if she hears them brag about their “conquests” and how they go out to meet new women every weekend. You could get yourself into trouble even when you do not deserve it.

The same goes for any unattractive dorks that you might be hanging out with. Consider keeping them away from your girlfriend, or you run the risk of having her think that you really are more like them, which is a shame if you no longer are.

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