Make Women Smile, Not Laugh

Make Women Smile, Not Laugh

You have probably heard females say that humor is the most important characteristic they look for in a male, and countless surveys—designed to reveal “what women want”—have been conducted reaching the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, this is not the case.

Those studies (and the females, for that matter) have it all backward. Females are not attracted to funny males, but they find the males they already deem attractive to be funny. When you are fond of someone, you laugh more easily, even at foolish jokes that you normally would not respond to or statements that are not jokes to begin with. This creates the illusion that “I like him because he is funny,” when the reverse is really true: “I think he is funny because I like him.”

This is another example of why you should never listen to dating advice from females or dating surveys, as they tend to confuse cause with effect. This is an easy mistake to make, but it can have a devastating consequence on your success if it makes you chase skills or qualities you do not need. Too often males focus on being funny around women, acting like clowns, telling jokes, and performing pranks, to make the woman they want laugh instead of making her feel any useful emotion, such as attractive or horny.

These are the emotions that you should try to evoke with the women you want, and you will know you are doing a good job of being charming when you always make women smile every time you meet them, even before you have said a word—as this means they have associated seeing you with positive emotions. This is why everyone loves people who are charming, as it literally feels good to be around them.

Charming people feel good about themselves as well, and they allow that emotion to be contagious by extending it to other people, showing their interest in them, and bringing out the best from everyone else. They steer conversations toward topics that they notice other people are interested in or by asking questions that require the recollection of good memories that instantly make them feel better. However, there is one thing in particular that makes women feel good about themselves. But I only reveal it in my book, The Manual.

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