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Attraction is an Emotion, Not a Conscious Decision

When we experience attraction to someone, our brain is letting us know that we have found a suitable sexual partner, someone who resembles all previous partners through the thousands of generations that came before us, an individual who is valuable for our genes, who has traits that will help us survive and reproduce more successfully than we could on our own. Attraction is one of the primal emotions that have helped Read More

Your Beliefs Govern Your Behaviour

While few males believe they will live forever and would laugh away the accusation of holding such a belief as silly nonsense, most still act otherwise. With the decisions they make on a daily basis—and the way they reason in the heat of the moment and postpone things until tomorrow—weeks, months, years, and even decades Read More

Introduction to This Site and The Manual

This site and my book are intended for a specific audience—namely, heterosexual males who are less romantically or sexually successful with women than they want to be. Males who want to know how to form more than just friendships with women. That is, almost all males. However, even though I believe anyone will

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