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Consider This Before Introducing Your Friends to Your Girlfriend

If you spend a lot of time with a woman, it is natural to eventually start introducing her to your friends, and this could potentially be a problem you have to be aware of. You might want to keep her separated from the males in your social circle who are ladies’ men—if you happen to associate Read More

Those Who Fail Do Not Fail Enough

People who believe rejection is horrible only believe that because they have not experienced rejection enough times. Those who fail do not fail enough.

The most unsuccessful males have usually only been rejected a handful of times, with a couple of years in between each occasion, long enough for them to accidently

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Women Keep Friends Separate From Lovers

Males may want to sleep with all their female friends, which is often why they became friends with them in the first place, but females are different and more practical since it is behavior that they are attracted to more than bodies.

To get the best sex AND the best emotional support,

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