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Why Female Pornstars Make More Money

One of the most destructive beliefs that can ever set foot in your mind and totally squander your success with women is the errornous belief that women are LESS interested in sex. Traditional socialization is full of ideas that are all variations of it, and one them is the sentiment that all forms of pornography Read More

Women Keep Friends Separate From Lovers

Males may want to sleep with all their female friends, which is often why they became friends with them in the first place, but females are different and more practical since it is behavior that they are attracted to more than bodies.

To get the best sex AND the best emotional support,

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Never Be Ashamed Over Your Sexual Desires

Sex is still taboo in many parts of the world, even though we all know it is the very reason we exist. We obviously would not be here if our ancestors had not had sex with each other. Your parents had sex with each other, and your grandparents had sex too. It is

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Conventional Dating Is Prostitution

I belong to some of the few men in the world that do not treat all the women I date like prostitutes, but anyone who follows the traditional customs of courtship and conventional dating surely do. After all, that is what you are doing whenever you pick up the bill.

The reason

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