What It Means to Take Responsibility

What It Means to Take Responsibility

Women are more likely to talk about things that have happened or might happen to them than men are, even to the extent of discussing destiny, astrology, and fortune-telling, while men are more likely to talk about what they have done or will do themselves. This is a subtle hint of how differently men and women often experience and handle the same world, and that difference stems from responsibility. Now, it is not certain that males take more responsibility than females do in all aspects of life; however, they tend to assume different degrees of responsibility in different situations.

When you are dating a woman, you have to know exactly which situations those are, so when you face them, you can play your part and behave as expected. If you do not, you will not be considered a man by the woman you are with, and you will simply not get the girl.

However, what it means to take responsibility is not entirely clear to most people, since so few actually do it. Many talk about it without being aware of what it entails. They may even claim to take responsibility for a lot of things, but as soon something goes wrong, you will find that they are clueless about what responsibility really means. Females in particular have very little understanding of everything that they expect of a male during courtship, and they will therefore look down on any male who does not live up to their expectations, since according to them, they are fairly low – but in reality – there is A LOT that they expect.

By avoiding responsibility during seduction by being more passive or indirect, females also weed out males that lack confidence and charm, since confidence is required to take the risk, albeit minor, that inevitably comes with taking responsibility for dating, and a man who bothers to step up is, of course, considered charming for making the effort.

Responsibility is something one has to take, not just pay lip service to. Talk is cheap and actions definitely speak louder than words when it comes to responsibility. In practice, it means several things and you will find 7 chapters in The Manual that cover everything that it entails. Although I can tell you right now, in dating, it all begins with taking the initiative to lead. As far as dating goes, nothing happens to or without you; you have to make things happen.

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