Why Bother Lying to Get Women Into Bed

Why Bother Lying to Get Women Into Bed

There is actually nothing wrong with lying to women to get them into bed, but you should not bother to lie unless the truth would contradict what women really want to hear. Lying is not a deal breaker as long as women do not find out about it, but rarely is it actually necessary, so the more honest you are, the less risk you incur for having said something untrue.

In a perfect world, we could always be honest and I would love to be an advocate of honesty at all times, but unfortunately that would mean you would say things that women definitely do NOT want to hear, like how much better their best friend was in bed or that you do find their teenage daughters attractive.

A male needs the confidence to speak his mind when he is around women, but he also needs the wisdom not to allow that desire to be stronger than his desire to get girls. Seduction is not about saying what you want; it is about getting what you want. It is good to be assertive and tell women what you want to say, but what they want to hear is even more important, because that is how you get what you want as well.

However, if you have read The Manual, you already know that what you want to say and what women want to hear may not be that different, so you can actually stick to the truth as much as possible until you run into such conflicts of interest with women.

While having a reputation of being popular with women is a good thing, a man wants to avoid being known as a player, because a player is someone who lies and deceives women to get them into bed. Although females often cannot help being attracted to such men, many women will intentionally avoid them, or their friends will interfere.

Also, seducing women while being (almost) completely honest with them has to feel better because then you know it is the real you that they fall for.

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  1. Love with love says:

    Definitely not required. Just keep things private, we like guys that are mysterious. Not the clown of the party.