Why Female Pornstars Make More Money

Why Female Pornstars Make More Money

One of the most destructive beliefs that can ever set foot in your mind and totally squander your success with women is the errornous belief that women are LESS interested in sex. Traditional socialization is full of ideas that are all variations of it, and one them is the sentiment that all forms of pornography (made for males) are degrading to females and that women in porn only do it for the money, a view shared by most feminists.

The fact that half the actors in your average porno production are males and that they too are paid to be there goes unmentioned. This does not need to be mentioned, because everyone knows that males enjoy sex. Those guys therefore have the best jobs in the world, unlike the females, who are only doing it for the money, right?

No. In reality, females in the adult entertainment industry make several times more money than their male colleagues, not because they do not enjoy sex or they really feel degraded on film, but because they need to be compensated for all that they have to put up with when they are NOT naked in front of the camera, that is, the social pressure from the rest of society, particularly from feminists, that comes as a result of their defying their socialization.

Only females receive this kind of opposition when they refuse to conform to rules concerning their sexuality that are unwritten but are supposed to be followed. This is something that their male colleagues do not have to deal with.

The truth is that pornography is only degrading to females if one believes they are not supposed to enjoy sex as much as males do or that the value of females lies in their sexual exclusivity, as we are traditionally led to believe. Hence, a female who does not conform deserves less respect, and if you disagree with the notion that a female’s value lies in her sexual exclusivity, then you are disrespecting her if you treat her otherwise. This is nonsense.

At the end of the day, pornography is rarely degrading to females but denying their sexuality always is, and denying their sexuality has done more harm to womankind than pornography ever will. Therefore, one might think that today’s feminists, who are supposed to fight for “women’s” rightful treatment, would actually celebrate those who defy the socialization that attempts to condemn their sexuality, particularly in the only industry in the world where females earn a lot more money than males do for performing the SAME job. Instead, no other group on earth is as anti-porn as feminists.

Why? Because socialization makes people fight against their own best interests without even being aware of it. The same way males who lack success with women do because they sabotage themselves without having a clue of how.

If you are interested in finding out how, I recommend you to stop reading my blog and instead get a copy of my book, The Manual. All the mistakes you are making without even knowing it will become apparent, but it will also show you what to do instead.

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  1. Luke Poling says:

    Your book is pure genius

  2. Joao says:

    Your writing is fucking amazing!
    “Females who worry about being cheap have obviously already made up their minds that they can indeed be bought, as long as the price is right and as long as the customer is a male they like”

    haha, loving your book.