Your Beliefs Govern Your Behaviour

Your Beliefs Govern Your Behaviour

While few males believe they will live forever and would laugh away the accusation of holding such a belief as silly nonsense, most still act otherwise. With the decisions they make on a daily basis—and the way they reason in the heat of the moment and postpone things until tomorrow—weeks, months, years, and even decades can go by without much change in their situation with women. Slowly but surely they are wasting their lives away one day at a time. No male wants to do this, but most believe it is necessary and inevitable, and this belief governs their behavior.

The manner in which any male pursues women is based on his mindset, on all the beliefs he has garnered about what women want and how to best give it to them. While most males believe that women are attracted to things that are not natural to begin with, such as money, this is not the case. There is obviously a natural way to attract women that does not rely on anything external, certainly not on anything manmade like money. All males are actually born with these instincts but learn to repress them while also learning to believe that women want things they actually do not want, and that is what my book, The Manual, is all about.

To understand males’ general behavior, such as why they spend more time pursuing money than women, one has to examine their general beliefs. Our underlying beliefs determine our behavior. Our mindset controls our manners.

The trouble is that we are not always aware of our beliefs or where they come from, and if we have believed something for a very long time, we are not likely to challenge it. This is dangerous. Blind faith in any endeavor tends to make people waste their lives on things that are not necessary and to do all kinds of foolish things, and the endeavor to seduce is no exception. If you want to become better with women, your first priority should be to make sure you are heading off in the right direction instead of following the crowd, especially considering the fact that most males are not particularly successful with women. You have to understand what makes most males believe women are to be pursued indirectly and where these shared beliefs come from. It is surely not from experience, since even unsuccessful males seem to believe they know what women want.

A male who wants to get better at seduction must understand what women want, what they are naturally attracted to, and how that differs from what he has been raised to believe.

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