Early Reviews

Positive feedback from guys all over the world

“My only regret is not learning this sooner. Had I only understod what women want when I was younger, my life would have been so much more enjoyable.”
- Alexandre, 45
“This book is the real deal – and it is a “How-To” book afterall. It gives you what The Game should have been all about.”
- Jim, 25
“I have not had one single bad date since I read The Manual. Life is good!”
- Leland, 28
“Meeting girls is so easy, but I never understod how other guys did it. Today I do, and I laugh on the inside when my friends now are asking me what my secret is.”
- Brad, 21
“Finally a guy who knows what he is talking about!”
- Andrew, 33
“My best friend recommended this book to me a few weeks back and I am so glad that he did! It’s simply amazing!”
- Simon, 29

“This should be compulsory reading for all young men!”
- Jeff, 49
“An eye-opening read that will completely change the way you view women, the world, and yourself.”
- Spencer, 26
“I am 26 years and have read a lot of seduction books primarily due to my fascination for the subject. I read it cover to cover then and put it down. It was THAT good.”
- Joshua, 26
“For the first time in my life I now have a girlfriend, and she is HOT!! I cannot thank you enough!!”
- Erik, 22
“I just ordered another copy for my son’s birthday. Really wish my father had done the same thing when I was his age…”
- Tom, 42
“The ideas in this book really work if you are willing to finally let go of the mental crap in your life that is holding you back from being happier and healthier in every way.”
- Joseph, 38